Everett Duarte

Everett Paul Duarte is a contemporary South African artist who’s abstract paintings celebrate colour, life and spirit in an organic way. Bursting, flowing, decomposing and re-emerging the forms appear in a constant state of transition.

The visual language he creates on the canvas is both powerful and engaging, with each piece he intertwines a story about the natural course of existence.
Everett Duarte was born in South Africa in 1980. From 1999 – 2001 he completed a Graphic Arts National Diploma in Durban. Freelancing and teaching, before embarking on a career as a visual artist, absorbing skilful aptitude from his father, artist Izidro Duarte.

From 2006 – 2007 further studies were done in Germany at the University of Fine Art (HfBK) in Dresden. Everett Duarte works as a professional artist, residing in both Germany and South Africa.

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