LOVE Gallery was originally named Voir Art Gallery. It was founded in 2005 by sisters-in-law Olga and Marinda Maritz. The gallery was situated in Brooklyn Design Square in Pretoria, and hosted bi-monthly contemporary art exhibitions by upcoming artists. The curators had an eye for talent, and the gallery exhibited, amongst others, the now world famous Lionel Smit. With the onset of the recession in 2007, the financial burden became too much for the owners, and they turned to Munro to keep the doors open, and appointed Janine Loots as curator.

When a fire destroyed part of Brooklyn Design Square in 2007, Janine opted out of the lease, and changed the gallery’s operations to that of an art agency, promoting selected artists by managing their distribution, websites, social media and exhibitions.

In 2018, the name changed to LOVE Gallery.

Keeping up with the exponential exposure to excellence in art, LOVE Gallery is committed to exhibiting only original modern and contemporary artworks. Not neglecting tomorrow’s finest, LOVE GALLERY develops upcoming artists through sponsorship and promotion.

LOVE Gallery works closely with various other galleries, manages various exhibitions, and operates as an online gallery, shipping worldwide.

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